3 Reasons to use SEM to Grow Search Traffic

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a tool that has become increasingly useful when planning marketing campaigns. They have become so popular that there are advertising teams dedicated to creating them. There are three reasons you should consider using SEM to grow your website search traffic. First, it will allow you to promote key services that otherwise would not receive organic online traffic. Second, SEM will ensure your search terms show up higher in search results. Finally, it is a cost-effective tool on any marketing budget.

Promoting Key Services

Search Engine Marketing will allow you to promote key services to a very specific audience. You can do this by writing search terms that are relevant to that product or service and put money behind promoting them. It is important to make sure the terms that are written have valid web pages they can link back to. Once the terms are written and the web pages are ready, set the campaign up using your Google account and see how it performs over the next 10 days. Google will let you know if the budget is accurately set to get the results you want to see.

Show Up Higher in Search Results

Organic search terms are just as important as paid terms, but they do not always show up as the top item in search results. This is especially true in highly competitive markets. When you realize where your organic search terms are showing up in the results, it might make you consider adding a strategic SEM campaign to get better results. Most people who search will not scroll past the first page of search results, so being on the first page should be the goal.

Cost-Effective Solution in Competitive Markets

Search Engine Marketing is a cost-effective way to increase website traffic for any company. Google easily allows you to set a campaign budget that can be edited to run one-time, monthly or more customized as needed. The more targeted the audience, the farther the budget will go. Remember, the more terms you write for your campaign, the more money you will need to put behind them to ensure the best results.
Considering a SEM campaign as part of an overall marketing strategy isn’t just a good idea — it’s a must in today’s digital world. It allows companies to promote key services that wouldn’t otherwise get much online traffic. SEM also allows your terms to show up higher in search results, and is cost-effective in competitive markets. If your team has never considered running a SEM campaign as part of your strategy, try it moving forward and see how it boosts your online traffic.

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