About Us

The name of our company is an inspiring story about one of our principal partners, Ralph silver. It involves jellybeans. Lots of jellybeans.

Years ago there was an upcoming technology superstar in Silicon Valley looking to take it’s next, evolutionary step in Public Relations, and there were several high-profile firms up for the bid, including Ralph’s very own. It was the most important pitch of Ralph’s career, and the opportunity was sizable.

The pitch

In lieu of a traditional proposal, which all the other agencies up for the bid were no doubt doing, Ralph thought this technology company was so fresh, so forward thinking, they needed something different. So the day of the meeting, after a cordial introduction to the board of directors, Ralph walked to the end of the room, paused, reached down into his suitcase, and then boldly splashed a large jar of jellybeans onto the conference room’s massive table. The candy, many of them green, jumped and popped on the table as the executives curiously looked on. And as the beans settled, the on-lookers did exactly what Ralph hoped they would: they began asking questions about the candy, about their significance, and it stirred a rousing conversation. Ralph was hired on the spot.

The Green Candy was an assertive way to get the executives thinking outside of the box, to make them take notice of something a bit different, and it was these little green jellybeans, and marginal risk taking, that got Ralph the account. This was, of course, no ordinary client. The upcoming technology superstar was Oracle, and the CEO he was pitching to was Larry Ellison.

Thinking Outside Of The Box Can Pay Off

As Ralph’s story inspired the naming and formation of our company, so too did it inspire the way we approach our clients. We believe calculated risk is not only necessary, it is required. In today’s marketplace, there are many media consulting firms, and there are many ways for your company to reach well beyond where it is today. But what will your company do to stand out, and how will it get attention in the ever-expanding sea of consumerism?

From crafting the right direct response campaign, to optimizing your online assets and click-through-rate, we are singularly dedicated towards improving your bottom line and getting you noticed.

Even if it takes throwing a large jar of jellybeans to get it.


Let’s throw jellybeans

Need leads? Let’s Roll.