Direct Response Media Buying

Successful direct response media buying is part art, part science, and part following your nose.

Whether you’re launching a direct response media campaign to get the phones ringing and clicks clicking, a regional buy for strategically placed local adspace, or a national broadcast buy to increase overall brand awareness, sniffing through the thousands of offerings and hundreds of platforms takes a skillful brush, and creating an affordable, scalable and profitable campaign can take time and considerable investment. So how do you choose between media offerings, and how do you find the right ones to run with?

direct response media buying

The Right Media

Getting your media selected, negotiated, placed, logged and audited affordably is where most media campaigns fail. Knowing when to stick with a campaign while it’s maturing and when to fold on one before it bottoms out your budget takes a trained eye, and can save an advertiser from failure.

Powerful branding, engagement and response is the result of doing many things right. A solid creative, reliable call center provider, unique TFN’s, and full analytics all support the right media buy. While some campaigns need clicks to their website, others want calls to their salespeople, and targeting the right media at the right time of day is paramount.

We handle all types and formats of media buying, including:

  • Satellite TV National broadcast
  • National cable networks
  • Local or spot market broadcast & cable
  • Addressable and under addressable
  • Programmatic
  • Connected TV
  • Online affiliates

Full Service

Our approach to media buying doesn’t start and stop with the buy itself. Without the right creative adjusted at the right time, the media campaign will lose it’s potency and the buys will end. We consult on creating the right ads that inform, motivate, and generate results. From developing the script to overseeing production, we’ve helped many advertisers make compelling ads that generate the right impression.

  • Messaging
  • Scripting
  • Production
  • Placement

While media buying presents many opportunities, it also presents many challenges. As platforms continue to merge in the years ahead, staying on top of your choices will be more important than ever. We understand where the winds are shifting, and can help you stay Better informed and Better prepared as these new options become available.

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