4 Social Media Trends that Will Boost Your Sales in 2019

Another year down. 2018 is in the history books, and with it, the list of hot social media trends that guided marketing teams around the world.

The truth is, social media trends never stop evolving. One viral video on a new app can spur tens of thousands of new users, just like one massive PR blunder can lose thousands. It’s like the weather: You can only predict so much, and you’re inevitably bound to end up caught in the rain one day.

But, like the weather, there’s plenty of predicting we can do—and there’s no better time to do it than at the beginning of the year when you’re still shaping up your marketing calendars for the year.

Social media is a necessary reality in 2019. And unlike other marketing channels, such as print, radio, or email, it evolves each and every day in a way that provides huge advantages for those who are able to adapt quickly.

As we reach the end of January and prepare ourselves for the year ahead, you may still be searching for ways to capitalize, leverage social media, and drive your sales for 2019. What’s that new channel you should be using? How can you better position your product in front of your audience? Which platforms are users flocking to—and from?

Well, we’re not here to waste your time. You’re searching for ways to improve your socials and drive more sales in 2019, and we’ve got opinions.

4 Social Media Trends that Will Boost Your Sales in 2019

There are several really interesting trends we (and others) feel offer brands huge advantages. They may not all be right for your product or service, but hopefully they’ll at least inspire some forward-thinking social campaigns this year.

1. Get to Know the Instagram Story

When’s the last time you checked in on Instagram? If your brand uses Instagram, you may already have checked out Instagram Stories or IGTV. And if you haven’t, 2019 is the year to give them a go.

While both features carry their own distinct advantages, the prominence of both of them offers a core takeaway. No matter how much effort you put into your editorial calendar, almost nothing beats being present and in the moment with your audience. Short-lived and live content can provide some huge advantages to those users who want a stronger connection with their brands.

After all, live and in-the-moment content like on Instagram Stories and IGTV provides the perfect reminder that behind your brand is people. And people will connect with people over brands every day of the week.

2. AI and Instant Replies Are Incoming

How do you manage your business’s Facebook Messenger? Do you utilize the Instant Reply feature? What about on your website? In 2019, it may be time to get automated.

The number of businesses using automated messaging or chatbots to respond to customer inquiries is growing, and there’s a really practical reason to get familiar with them this year. Regardless who is managing your social accounts, they aren’t on the clock 24/7. Even a simple message letting users know you’ll reply soon and directing them to your website can go a long way to ensuring that you don’t lose their attention in that 12 or 36-hour delay before a human takes over.

3. Social Media Ads Are a Must

You’re running ads on social media, right? Please tell us you’re running social media ads. Oh, you are? Great, here’s why social ads are a must in 2019.

There’s nearly no B2C brand on the planet that can’t benefit from running ads on social media platforms; instead, the question is which channel is best for yours. If you’re a retail brand, for example, the advantages of Instagram are undeniable—from the pictures to Shop Now links and beyond. Regardless, social media is worth some of your marketing budget in 2019, plain and simple.

4. Your Employees Are More Trusted Than Influencers

Influencer marketing works for the right brands. However, takeaway from influencer marketing is something you can easily apply to your brand in 2019, regardless of your industry. Your employees are the best—and the original—influencers.

Influencer marketing has exploded, but so has its dark side. Some social media personalities have lied about partnerships, while others haven’t disclosed that their posts were actually ads. If you really want someone to sing your praises, there’s nobody who will do that better than happy employees. Create social assets to shout out your brand’s achievements and share them company-wide to give your team the opportunity to boast about the company if they want. Those extra social impressions aren’t bad, either!

Social Media Is Changing. Lead the Change.

It isn’t too hard to capitalize on social media if you keep an eye on the trends. With that in mind, we hope these four trends will help you stay ahead of your customers and move the needle in 2019.

Because if one thing remains true year after year, it’s that in social media marketing, you don’t want to miss the wave.

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