Generating leads equals organic growth for your business – don’t miss out on the ample ways to do this digitally. Your goal: turning prospects into leads. Your method: the best social strategies out there. We simplify them for you with 5 tools to get started.


This is square one in the cycle, to end at the thank-you page, which gets your leads engaged. You may know call-to-action in the general marketing sense, and may utilize the language in email marketing. However, re-think these as images, buttons, or other messages to create a visually appealing notice that also promotes a sense of urgency. They can appear on all social channels, your website, microsites, and more. Don’t forget to mix it up, while adhering to the voice you’ve created for your brand.

Landing Pages

A landing page is the web page landed on for a distinct purpose, typically to specifically generate leads via a form. This often signals visitors to add their email address for email offers, receive a newsletter, vote on a poll – you get the jist.


Offers are the main components of a landing page – your visitors are directed to a landing page to take advantage of the offer you’re hoping they can’t refuse. The visitor will hopefully see it as valuable enough to offer their personal information in exchange for it.

Thank You Pages

Here we are at the last step. After buying into the offer and submitting the form, the visitor is then directed to a thank you page, where the offer is delivered.

Tips on top of tips…

Now, these tools are well and good, but what are the best ways to utilize them? We elaborate below.


We know you know the value of links, but are you using them wisely? It’s tempting to throw them in willy-nilly, but make sure their inserted in your content meaningfully. For starters, make sure you’re linking directly to landing pages that gate to the specific piece of content they’re after. You have their email address, they get their content – it’s a win-win.


You’ve heard this word many a time, we bet. This applies to your page in particular. Make sure your calls-to-action are tailored to entice visitors to learn more about your offerings, and design your page in a way that makes this further information visible. In addition, add a newsletter sign up to capture emails.


We’re talking about ad targeting. Target specific user demographics and tailor keywords for a broad match with specific promotional information. This is an immediate increase in reach.

Have Purpose and Be Active

Don’t fall into the scheduling trap. We love this tool but posting on social media with purpose is key – that means last minute tweaks and updates for true and consistent engagement. That way, your tweets and posts read as relatable and on-topic while adhering to your brand. A component of making this happen is being actively engaged in your industry. Join LinkedIn groups, interact with potential customers, and post relevant industry news weekly.

We’re just getting started, here. There are a million and one ways to utilize these tools and tips and make them work for your brand. Just like you have a unique voice, you also have a unique audience. Experiment and experiment some more, adapt, and grow.

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