7 Apps Marketers Are Missing Out On

As a marketing expert, you’re in the know about certain topics; you know Google+ is the secret ingredient to any marketing campaign, you know Facebook numbers are declining and users are moving to other favorite platforms, and that Richard Sherman is the Miley Cyrus of the NFL. But do you know you’re missing out on some handy apps to make your work and personal life a little bit easier? Check out these must-need apps. You can thank us later.

  1. Google NOW The Gist: Google’s new offering to the world is an app that allows you to read and share Google news and RSS feed, monitor your stocks, and view live traffic and weather forecast, all in one easy-to-use place. It may sound like a mishmash of other apps, but the detail and navigation of Google NOW is impeccable. You can define your own news and weather by keywords and locations, see real-time streaming quotes for stocks without having to refresh, and build unlimited watch lists, with a few left and right swipes. The ultimate way to stay updated in business, tech, and weather is surprisingly hassle-free pack in this content-filled app.Why You Need It: This app is ideal for everyday updates, but also for business relationships. Scenario: You’re meeting with a client in New York. Before you leave, you can check the local NYC news (share it with your employees or use it as a conversation starter), determine exactly how cold the Polar Vortex is, and see how your client’s stock fares in the market within minutes. It’s the businessperson’s Swiss Army knife.
  2. Waze The Gist: Did you ever think traffic could be social? The one and only community based mapping, traffic, and navigation system, it’s everything you wish other map apps would be ¬– Waze alerts you about accidents and traffic, learns your routes and commuting hours, tells you where the nearest (and cheapest) gas station is, and deciphers the best route (not just the “fastest.”) Waze stays current thanks to the community-centric aspect; everyone participates in updating the latest driving conditions. This leads to the social dimension – besides helping you navigate your way through a maze of streets, you can connect with your Facebook friends who are going to the same place (even connecting to your Facebook events!) and sends a live ETA. Ever thought commuting could become unloathed? This may be as close as it gets.Why You Need It: Waze not only gets you from point A to point B with lighthearted ease, but it’s another social platform in it’s own way. With 70 million users and growing, take the opportunity to propel more engagement. Connect and bond with employees going to the same convention or meeting and alert your client exactly when you’ll be there. Punctuality has never been more appreciated.
  3. 30/30 The Gist: Named one of the best apps in 2013 and still going strong, this task manager says ‘N-O!’ to procrastination. The idea is simple yet effective: set up a list of tasks with a length of time for each, start the timer, and get going. 30/30 will alert you to move on to the next task with a meditation-eque chime until all of your tasks are completed. Users compliment the app’s minimal and attractive design, ability to make multiple task lists, and syncing with iCloud. No more dillydallying on social media with cat videos; 30/30 puts your workload into check.Why You Need It: We all get sidetracked, but when you have multiple social media platforms to maintain, customers to get back to, and employees to oversee, your tasks can get daunting. 30/30 allows you to designate 15 minutes to think of a witty Tweet, 10 minutes to sync it to your other outlets, and 40 minutes to film and edit a promo video. What’s great is you don’t need to feel rushed by the minimal alerts; pause one duty, move on to the next task, and come back to it when you’re done with tasks 9 to 15.
  4. AroundMe The Gist: Useful for both travel and local ventures, find the nearest, well, anything. From banks to bars, gas stations to hotels, and even taxis, all the most needed services are ordered by the distance from your location. This is much more than using the ‘Nearby’ feature on Yelp; AroundMe gives you a map view, venue information, what route to take, and the option to email it to a friend.Why You Need It: Ever find yourself in an unknown city in need of a restaurant to meet a client? A last minute hotel for a long trip to a convention? A taxi to get there? AroundMe will get you somewhere on the fly when you haven’t the time to peruse everyone’s essay reviews of that sushi place on Urbanspoon. AroundMe can be your best friend for meetings, business trips, and day-to-day errands.
  5. Pocket The Gist: Named one of the best apps of 2012 and 2013, this app is like a mini Pinterest. Sleek and attractive in design, it allows you to easily ‘pocket’ content, like articles, videos, and more. Everything you pocket syncs with your computer, tablet, and phone, so it’s always within arms reach of reading or viewing. No more forgetting to read those articles on SEO tips or allowing them to clutter up your Bookmark toolbar – they’re all in your Pocket.Why You Need It: Constantly reading and viewing content keeps you up to date on the latest news and trends for sharing and conversation starters, but sharing it is what really makes it worthwhile – and if you don’t have a place to store this material to share later on your LinkedIn after you finish task 7 on 30/30, you’re missing out on forming great business relationships and establishing yourself as an authority that’s ahead of the curve in your industry.
  6. Landcam The Gist: Are you sick of the X-Pro II filter on Instagram? Landcam is your new visual content creator on the go. This all in one camera has 30+ filters, 35+ fonts, and over 100 other artistic touches to make your pictures stand out among the rest. The quick sharing capability of your borderline Warhol’s to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook make it worth the 99 cents.Why You Need It: Your consumers crave new content daily – yes, even the Inkwell filter isn’t enough. Make your content stand out and get creative, remember that visual marketing is the most effective. Even if you’re not the artistic type, Landcam has great no-brainer tools, and we’re not talking random and silly stickers. Creating eye-catching content on the go has never been easier.
  7. Viber The Gist: Just what we’ve been waiting for – a completely free texting, video and photo messaging, and calling app with anyone in the world. All you need is WiFi or a 3G connection to reach the 200 million users. Even if they don’t have Viber, you can contact them for a small fee that certainly rivals your mobile service provider. Less cumbersome than Skype and more functional than Whatsapp, Viber offers surprisingly crystal clear calls and it even syncs with your computer.Why You Need It: This is the perfect resource for connecting to anyone and everyone for the best price – free (or nearly so). Group message updates with your employees, call your client in Singapore, or send product videos to colleagues in Cape Town. If you have an internationally in-tune business, this is the app to stay in touch.

Is your iPhone or iPad busy updating all these apps? Rightfully so! Now go conquer the world; thanks to 30/30 and Waze, you’ll get there faster.

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