Building Authority by Improving Localized Content on Your Website

Business owners who cater only to people in a specific location need to find ways to make their local business more visible. One way to do this is to boost your place in local search engine searches, which will let people in your area know about your business. Here are some tips to help you improve your local search engine ranking:

Make Sure Your Website has a NAP

Your company’s name, address and phone number, or NAP, should appear on your website. Ideally, you will place this information on a page entitled About Us or Contact Us so that it is easy to find. In addition to the basic information, you should also include your company’s hours of operation, a map of the location, a picture of the exterior of the business and anything else your customers might need to know to find your location.

Don’t Randomly Name Places

Some website owners think that including popular landmarks or street names will help with their rankings. Saying something like “plumbers near the Cajundome, Ambassador Caffery and Acadiana Mall” might seem like a good way to boost traffic for a plumbing company in Lafayette, Louisiana, but this isn’t the case. Instead, your website should focus on telling customers why they need to call you. If you want to include specific information, include it in the information for testimonials.

Testimonials are Important

You need to have your past and existing customers speak up about their service. Adding a few testimonials on each page is one way to do this, but you have to make sure they are genuine. You could boost your local searches by having customers identify their location in a broad way. For example, “Marjorie H from Miramar Subdivision in Lafayette” would be better than “Marjorie H from Lafayette” when you add the testimonials to your website.

Improving Customer Service

Customer service is crucial to people who frequent a business. You have to let your customers know you care, and including social media options, a copy of your service promise and bill of rights, statements about how you handle customer service, and easy ways to contact your company can help here. The more accessible you are and the more information you provide, the better your customers will feel doing business with you.

Additionally, social media profiles give you more opportunities to specify your geographic location.

It is important to work with someone who is familiar with the most recent search engines updates, which can help you boost your search engine rankings. These steps can also help you boost your local reputation and bring in more business later on.

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