It Pays to Play: Top 3 Facebook Advertising Tips

You want to play the Facebook ad campaign game, but your brand is at a loss for which guns to fire. A common conundrum among all companies, indeed. First, understand the value Facebook ads hold – they’re pricey, but have a potentially high return. However, it’s easy to blow it. With all of the features, insights, and audience you could want from a platform, make sure you’re investing wisely. Read below for the top 3 tips on how to strike smart.

Utilize Audience Insights

Facebook’s Audience Insights is your best friend when planning your company’s ad campaign – learn about your audience sectors before targeting them. Learn the demographics of the people that like your page, and there’s your focus. Time and money is saved, and you won’t stress over a guessing game or a net cast too wide. Targeted marketing speaks directly to those who will be interested – and if you play your cards right, those outside of them – in a world of mindless scrolling.

Create Sets of Ads for Each Audience

Multiple audiences? Multiple ads. Or if you’d like, the same ad delivered in different ways. Say you want to push a product release of the new version of your wearable travel camera. You can create the same ad featuring this product, but one set geared toward adventure travelers, and one set to capture family vacations. Facebook’s advertising platform sets you up to push your content to several targets with one big effort from your team.

Visual Over Textual

You may have heard the marketing theory about audiences responding more to visual content than words. The same rings true for Facebook ads. In the same way that someone is likely to stop mid-scroll at a funny gif or touching video over a paragraph long, political Facebook rant, your ad campaign should strike with quickly digested visuals, not words. The message is still important, but the photo is your first line of defense. Think Instagram-worthy, with a punching one to two-liner.

With narrowed targets, catered content, and visuals that wow, you’re bound for a set of Facebook ads that fit the bill – now get to analyzing and brainstorming on the who, what, and how.

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