3 Tips for Writing CTAs for Your Videos

For many businesses, your first marketing video or ad opens up a fresh, new way to connect with customers and position your products and services.

But with this new foray into the world of video, many find themselves with a host of new questions about the world of video production. There are budget questions, equipment questions, animation or filming questions—you name it.

In the swirl of these questions, it’s easy to lose certainty about how to implement some of the marketing concepts that will help your video succeed and get you the ROI you deserve.

3 Tips for Writing CTAs for Your Videos

1. Get Creative

You have just as much opportunity to be creative with your calls to action in videos as you do in an email or landing page. In fact, you probably have more. So when writing the script for a video, you can find ways to build excitement and trigger that direct response.

For example, you could create a dedicated hashtag to go along with your video campaign. Then, your CTA could ask viewers to join the conversation by tweeting using that hashtag.

“How do you move? Join the conversation by tweeting #HowIMove and tell us how you like to stay active.”

2. Reframe the Boring Stuff

Sometimes, the goal of a video can be to drive email signups or have viewers fill out a form. And that can be more than a little boring. Fortunately, marketing videos can give you a major advantage by repackaging and reframing what are traditionally boring processes.

For example, that form on your website probably isn’t all too exciting, though if it is boring and bland then it probably already working against you. But through visuals, animations, and even the words you choose for your CTA, you can make that process a bit more exciting and drive more folks to complete the form.

“It’s time you get on the list, just like Jake did. So follow Jake’s lead and click the link, fill out the info, and BAM! You’ll get the latest deals for your all favorite local spots, directly to your inbox.”

3. Consider A/B Testing

Brand videos can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo some of the usual fine-tuning that goes into your direct response marketing. For example, if you have an in-house video producer, it won’t take all too much time to produce alternate CTAs and see which ones work best.

If you’re using these videos in a paid social campaign, for example, try creating 3-4 videos, then running week-long A/B campaigns to test them against each other. After a month, you’ll have found a victor. And you’ll have learned a lot of other valuable insights about your video along the way.

A: “Don’t believe us? Text SNACKS to #12345 and get a coupon for a free trail bar.”

B: “This flavor you’ll need to taste to believe.” Text SNACKS to #12345 and get a free trail bar.”

Unlocking the Power of Video CTAs

With a new medium come a few new challenges—but a world of possibilities. Spend some time with your CTAs in your video campaigns and you can convert customers, improve ROI, and unlock the power of your videos in new ways.

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