3 Tips to Improve E-Commerce Sales with Marketing

So, your sales are slow. Or, perhaps they’re just getting started for the first time ever. Regardless, you’re likely on the hunt for some tricks to improve e-commerce sales this year. As you should be.

Every good business owner works with an eye for growth. Growth among employees, growth for productivity, sales growth—all things business owners want to push toward. And as marketers, we work with growth in mind, as well. Our successes directly impact our business’s bottom line. And with the right moves, we can improve our numbers, support our team, and drive improvements across the board.

However, balancing our own marketing efforts with the company directives—and communicating our successes—can make for a tricky balance. We sometimes are forced to answer for company successes and failures we aren’t totally responsible for. But e-commerce sales certainly aren’t one of them.

With the right tips, you can absolutely change the trajectory of your e-commerce sales through your marketing efforts. You can make a tangible impact on your sales numbers and help your overall business to grow if you reimagine your marketing approach.

So, we’re here with three tips to improve e-commerce sales with marketing and watch your sales numbers grow.

3 Tips to Improve E-Commerce Sales with Marketing

Improving your e-commerce sales starts with how you approach your marketing strategy. With the right tips, you can ensure your e-commerce sales numbers start to see results.

1. Reimagine Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email can serve as one of your most powerful allies where your e-commerce sales are concerned. The benefits are numerous.

Initially, email gives you the opportunity to build trust and establish a relationship with your customers. Because email allows you to connect over multiple emails, you can better temper and time your direct response messaging. This isn’t possible with a single TV commercial, for instance.

Next, email gives you the opportunity to segment. Social media offers great opportunities to segment your audience and tune products specifically for them, but email may come as a close second. By segmenting your leads into different lists, you have the ability to tune your messaging—and ultimately, the products you pitch—more finely to these leads.

So try reimagining your email marketing strategy. Your creativity may just result in some sales.

2. Try Employing Conversational AI

Depending on your industry, one component of a winning e-commerce sales strategy can involve having someone always at the ready to answer customer questions about products and a bevy of other inquiries.However, an AI chatbot saves you the hassle of paying someone to be on standby 24/7 to manage customer messaging—among other benefits.

Traditionally, e-commerce businesses have 1-2 points of sale: your website and a mobile app. But artificial intelligence offers you a third. By pinging customers upon visiting of your site, you can add a direct funnel to engage them, answer questions, and assist them with their purchase.

These AI chatbots offer improved potential for your retargeting efforts, as well. As we know all too well in the direct response world, your messaging often doesn’t convert to a sale on the first pass. However, chatbots improve business messaging substantially and can actively inquire—and correct course—when finding out why a purchase wasn’t completed.

3. Consider Social Media Sales

Although your traditional points of sale within the e-commerce space remain your website and your mobile app, more and more often, social media is stepping in to fill that role. And by taking advantage, you can transform your e-commerce sales numbers.

Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook have implemented methods for selling your products through their services, while of course taking their cut. Instagram, in particular, has leaned in on this functionality. Now, users can purchase your products directly through your social media posts.

By transforming how you approach your e-commerce strategy, with social media in mind, you can begin putting your products in front of your customers where they already are—on social media. And you can transform your messaging to sell on social, too.

Improve E-Commerce Sales Like a Pro

While the work of improving your direct response numbers will never be finished, you can rest assured that your e-commerce numbers will improve with the right attention paid to them.

There are plenty of methods that can help you improve your e-commerce sales in the long-term. From your email marketing strategy to AI and social media selling, you can carve out a new path for your e-commerce sales and boost the bottom line.

And for your marketing team and your company overall, the bottom line is a top priority.

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