5 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Organic Reach Healthy

There’s good news: Facebook organic reach isn’t dead. For the past year or so, it’s been reported that organic reach has been laid to rest, but take all that with a grain of salt. There’s still has life—as long as it’s being harnessed in the right way.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips to keep Facebook organic reach healthy and thriving.

Think Quality, Not Quantity

The more a company posts on their Facebook page, the better…right? Not exactly. While it’s important to keep the page active, don’t overdo it. Focus on high quality content that’s directed at the company’s audience, not never-ending content without any real relevance. Fans will unfollow fast, or never follow at all.

According to research done by Buffer and SumAll earlier this year, companies can post to Facebook two times a day before likes and comments begin to drop off. This is exactly why deciding what to post is so important, because there aren’t many chances to grab someone’s attention.

Keep an Eye on the Target

Don’t be afraid to use the tools provided by Facebook. Regardless of how many ‘likes’ a brand’s Facebook page has, everyone can utilize the Targeting options. In Page Settings, check Allow targeting and privacy options when I create posts on my page, and it’ll be good to go.

Learning who to target and when will take a little experimentation, but the results might help give the company some direction. This is a free way to draw more engagement to a Facebook page by presenting posts to people who are more likely to be interested in those topics, so why not try it out?

Experiment with Off-Peak Hours

There’s a reason why people post during peak hours, so why try something new? Because every company posts during peak hours, so there’s an increased chance of getting noticed during off-peak hours. Usually, the best time to post on Facebook is at 1 pm and 3 pm, and 86% of posts are published during the work week with engagement peaking on Thursday and Friday. However, this all depends on the audience.

Use Facebook Insights to check when company posts are getting the highest engagement, because it might be different than the norm. Take advantage of those differences and find the ideal time to make posts. Carve out a space for the company on Facebook.

Utilize Links

As of March 2015, links drew the most organic reach at 18% and for pages with fewer than 10,000 likes; links garnered an even larger percentage of organic reach at 32%. Fans are less likely to be interested in photos on a Facebook page, but might be intrigued by custom link thumbnails that take them to one of your pages. This has the potential to drive followers to the company’s website, or wherever else you choose, to increase clicks and engagement.

Obviously it’s not all about the links; it’s about how the content is presented. A boring link is just a boring link. Give followers a reason to click and explore what the company has to offer. Give them a reason to check back in and keep an eye on your page.

Get to Know Your Audience

Keeping Facebook organic reach healthy really comes down to knowing the brand’s particular audience. Marketers should never have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Facebook, so be willing to make some adjustments.

Watch the page, experiment with different posts, and keep a close eye on engagement. Understanding what an audience wants and what content appeals to them the most will have the biggest impact on organic reach.

It’s important to keep your Facebook organic reach healthy. What has your experience been? Any tips we’ve missed? Tweet us!

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