Thinking of Hosting a Webinar? 5 Tips Before You Launch

Want to be known as an industry expert? Hosting a webinar isn’t the easiest task in the world, but when it’s done right, it could help catapult a company into an entirely new territory—as respected professionals in their field. Not only that, but there’s a good chance a company will be able to build new connections and grow their business.
Not sure where to begin? Take a deep breath and don’t fret. Here are 5 tips to consider before you launch your first webinar.

Keep it Relevant!

Ever had to listen to a webinar that nearly put you to sleep? I’m sure all of us already know that’s not a good sign. Don’t bore listeners—pick an exciting and relevant topic that is worth talking about. Do us all a favor and don’t pick something that you have no interesting in discussing. Do some industry research and keep it relevant. Give listeners a very good reason to sign up.

Know Your Stuff

Companies should never try to host a webinar on something they haven’t thoroughly researched. This might be a no-brainer, but many companies try to speak on topics that they know very little about because they think it’s what people want to hear. Make sure all angles are accounted for and do your best to anticipate what the listeners will want to know about.

Trim the Fat

Decide how long the webinar should be and schedule what content will be discussed accordingly. Marketers should make sure that they don’t try to shove too many topics in during one webinar. Don’t overwhelm the listeners. Give them something to think about and leave them wanting more information from the company.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice, practice, practice. A lot of people think they can just wing it, but preparation is key. It’s easy to rush through important information if it hasn’t been rehearsed. If possible, arrange a practice session and record a run-through. Play it back later and figure out what can be improved or changed. This is a great way to practice and make sure everything goes smoothly during the main event.

Don’t Forget the Q&A

It’s important to remember that many listeners take valuable time out of their day to listen to a webinar because they want their questions answered. If a webinar runs long, the question and answer period is often the first thing to get cut. Do us all a favor and make sure this doesn’t happen. Leave at least ten minutes for questions. Listeners will appreciate it and it’ll make them feel like they got the most out of the webinar.

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