The Affiliate Marketing Conferences You Need to Attend

To conference or not to conference? That’s a question on many a marketer’s mind. Best case scenario, you meet the right people, learn the right strategies, and apply the right tools to your business. On the other hand,
some conferences just aren’t worth your time or dollars. Choose wisely by focusing on what each one can offer you and your business – we break down the details below.

Affiliate World Conferences

Mark June 2017 in your calendar. AWC is a big one, but they make a conference of over 2,000 feel intimate and connected. AFC is one of your best chances to meet great people, learn from speakers, and connect with companies that offer tools and software for better business.

Apart from gaining new insights, data driven knowledge and innovative ideas on affiliate marketing from the main stage to focused breakout sessions, there are meetups and drinks bookending all the idea churning (it’s Berlin, you know there’s a beer garden)! Last year’s topics included lead generation, Shopify, and UX design.
Bonus: there’s an app to download to keep yourself connected and on schedule.


Next up is the Performance Summit for A4D – it’s all about industry trends and best practices. This two-day meeting of the marketing minds draws U.S. companies, so potential for homegrown connections is high. Marketers love A4D because there are no sponsors and no sales pitches, but all attendees are successful marketers (well, a lot!). The supercharged cohesion is amplified by the fact that everyone has the same schedule, while maintaining organization and fluidity. Plus, A4D’s post-event party is the ultimate networking gathering; everything kicks off June 2017 in San Diego.

Affiliate Summit East/West

A global behemoth in the marketing event world, the Affiliate Summit East/West is going to New York this summer (Vegas 2017 just happened in January!) It’s truly an action-packed event over three days: vendors, marketers, tech companies come together, and 6,000 people mingle for tradeshows and educational sessions. These summits are known for great networking with an affordable price tag, but there are also Exhibitor and Sponsorship packages for those with a target audience.


LeadsCon switches between Vegas and NYC. It has a focus on the finance, healthcare, and automotive sectors, but other businesses can certainly benefit. Expect schedules to revolve around all topics of marketing technology and online marketing, from lead generation and acquisition, to landing pages and call centers. Get ready for NYC in August.

Mobile World Congress

This event is the world’s largest meeting for mobile, which is why Samsung unveils their new phones here every year and the CEOs of AT&T and Netflix have schooled the masses. We’re talking over 100,000 attendees and 2,300 exhibitors. The biggie just wrapped up in Spain, but you have the chance to attend MWC Americas in San Francisco this September with a tech theme (of course). MWC is more of a B2B for tech leaders, but plenty of marketers and affiliates benefit by staying ahead of the mobile curve.

DMEXCO (Digital Marketing and Expo Conference)

DMEXCO is one of the biggest in digital (50,000 attendees), a perfect melting pot for those trying to follow the disruptive trend or consider themselves a visionary. Speakers are sent from Google, Facebook, AOL, and Bloomberg, so expect impressive booths and exceptional networking opportunities. With an exciting atmosphere, many ideas and deals are exchanged here. Head to Germany in September to be apart of the “pure business” mixer.

Traffic and Conversion Summit

Plan ahead for early 2018 in San Diego for a broad internet marketing meetup. Topics draw from strategies on Facebook, building funnels, sales, conversion hacks, and upcoming traffic sources. We like this one for it’s intimate set up and of-the-moment focus. There’s a waitlist, so jump on the opportunity for a chance to learn about breakthroughs for your brand asap.

There are plenty of conferences to choose from, and some are certainly worth your time, whether you’re hyper-local businesses or on the edge of changing an industry. We recommend attending at least one in the big leagues for eye-opening strategy and your best chances at networking for big benefits.

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