Online Sales Take a Dive? 7 Quick Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales

An eCommerce website without sales is like a zoo without animals. A car show without classic cars. Cheese without wine. Instagram without some shameless selfies.

Online shopping is not only growing, but it is turning into every consumers preferred method of spending, as 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online, than they will in stores. If you’ve decided to conquest through the eCommerce waters, keep on a readin’!

There are a few simple and key features that can be integrated into your eCommerce website to increase sales. Here are 7 of our suggestions.

    1. If a product can’t be found, how can it be purchased? Implementing easy navigation will help spenders find what they’re looking for, and put a boost in sales. As you build and rebuild an eCommerce site, be sure to pay attention to the sitemap and how features are connected internally. Autocomplete on searches, filtered search results and drop down menus are a few of the tools that can enhance navigation on any selling website.
    2. Some shoppers like to browse and browse for the perfect new pair of shoes. But most of us know exactly what we’re looking for. Do these experts a service by including a search bar that pulls in exact matches, as well as related products. By fine-tuning an internal search engine, an eCommerce site owner can increase sales, just by helping shoppers find what they are looking for more quickly.
    3. We are all guilty of impulse purchases, like that Snickers bar and People Magazine you purchased yesterday at the grocery store checkout line. eCommerce websites can mirror this “impulse phenomenon” and offer similar additions to their purchases.Online flower delivery services excel at this flowery tactic. After you’ve selected a flower arrangement for that special someone, they offer exclusive products to make it that much better. A special card, a bouquet of balloons, or a box of chocolates are usually options.Luxury hotels mirror this with online room reservations: a chilled bottle of champagne or rose petals scattered across the room are routine choices.Be creative and think of other products within your catalog that could be impulsively desired as a result of the original purchase.
    4. Keeping things simple on an eCommerce sites helps conserve customer confusability. (Say that three times fast.) No one likes to get confused, so it’s easy to understand how this feature could foster sales.Present products with clean, large images on the homepage and make menus, ahem, easy as possible to navigate. On individual product pages, don’t provide too much information in just one section. Instead break up specs and other product information into tabs that shoppers can use to find out exactly what they need to. The simpler, the better. Remember to K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid!)
    5. Free shipping can be the encouragement a shopper needs to commit to making that online purchase. Considering 61% of consumers are somewhat likely to cancel their purchase if free shipping is not offered, the complimentary service is pretty important. Providing free shipping for customers who spend over a certain dollar amount or on popular products will increase sales on your eCommerce site.Another interesting fact to drive this point home: “shoppers spend 30% more per order when free shipping is provided”. How about another? Shopping cart abandonment happens 54% of the time because the shipping costs made the total cost more than expected.
    6. When it comes to money, people like to be 100% certain they’re not just throwing away their hard earned dollars. Include a FAQ page on the website site with information on features such as shipping info (where do products ship from? how long does shipping take? what carrier is used? etc.), how the eCommerce site works, and a little background story about the company. Think of anything you would want to know before shopping online and answer it there.
    7. Who doesn’t like to show off their new swag to friends and Instagram feeds alike? Put a boost in sales by integrating sharing options on none other than everyone’s guilty pleasure: social media! Include share links to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and even email to initiate that “hey look what I just bought.”

When trying out different strategies to boost online sales, be sure to try a handful of these features. Keep track of how each is impacting your eCommerce website, so you can adjust accordingly. Make the purchasing process as easy as possible for shoppers, and watch those sales skyrocket.

What other strategies have you used to increase eCommerce sales?

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