How To Take Advantage of the New Twitter Profile

It’s all about the images on the micro-blogging social media platform that is Twitter! Already in motion to become more image based, Twitter rolled out fresh and interesting profile improvements last week.  The long overdue revamp is a natural progression, seeing as the emerging social media networks, Instagram and Pinterest, are image centric themselves.  With Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, and the fact that the brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text, it appears images are the way to audiences’ hearts. Closely mirroring the appearance of Facebook profiles, the Twitter enhancements bring more opportunity for brands, marketers, and influencers to capture more eyes to their content. Take a look at how you can take advantage of the new improvements.

  1. Cover Photo
    The most noticeable change in the Twitter profile renovation, brands can take advantage of the larger, across the page, image-centered appearance. Upgraded from a right aligned small rectangle, to 1500 x 500 pixels, the cover photo canvas allows companies to showcase their brand and set them apart from competitors.Having a spring sidewalk sale? Design a header image to advertise. Want to spotlight your restaurant’s dessert specials for the week? Make a collogued photo of the options and watch the reservations roll in. These announcements add value to your Twittosphere audience and strengthen brand loyalty.
  2. Profile Image
    Profile pictures also got a small upgrade to 400 x 400 pixels. With the larger space, pick an image for your personal page that is simple and showcases your best feature: those pearly whites! Make sure your profile picture coordinates and matches your cover photo for an eye catching flow.
  3. Pinned Tweets 
    Only available to Twitter advertisers before, users can now pin a tweet to the top of their profile.  Have an announcement you want all your tweeters to be aware of? Pin it for all to see! Thinking of running a contest? Craft together an image with the competition guidelines and instructions, and pin it up to fuel audience participation.
  4. Engaged Tweets   Unique to the platform, and perhaps the most difficult for brands and marketers to adapt to, is the display size of your tweets. Certain tweets will display larger than others depending on the engagement level of the tweet.  The more click-throughs, the more favorites and you guessed it, the more retweets a tweet has, the larger the tweet size will appear.  This allows for viewers to find your most appealing pieces of content, judged by your followers.  2014-04-28_1605
    Cater your content to take advantage of this phenomenon. Generate content that your audience will respond to. Notice a hike in traffic with Twitter Analytics when you post behind the scenes photos? Do you get more retweets on content about how to optimize YouTube videos, or more favorites about social media statistics? You should always switch up your content strategy depending on what your audience calls for, but with this new upgrade, it has never been so critical.

If you haven’t switched your personal or brand’s Twitter profile over to the new version, do it right after reading this! The new features bring new ways to attract and engage in Twitterland with your audience, and what business doesn’t want that?


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