The Reasons Why SEO Isn’t Dead – It’s Just Different

Some say that “SEO is dead,” but that’s completely untrue. SEO is simply different than it has been in the past. The grey hat tactics of years ago like link farms and keyword stuffing haven’t worked with Google’s algorithm for ages. Just because the formula for SEO success is different, doesn’t mean it’s dead. Here are 3 reasons why SEO is not dead – just different.

1. Organic & Natural Content Wins The Day

Search engine algorithms have gotten so advanced that they can tell whether or not you’re trying to stuff as many unnatural keywords as possible into a blog post or web page. They now reward pages that have signs that users are actually finding what they are looking for when they land on your page, and that they stick around to read a bit. Factors like time on site are now figured into SEO algorithms. That means if you have organic, relevant and natural content that people actually want to read, your SEO statistics may improve.

2. Real Relationships Are Important

Now that social media relationships are at the very least “correlated” with higher SEO standings, it’s more important than ever to have real relationships with influencers and partner brands. Since the new SEO focuses more on user intent, social media is a valid platform for SEO strategy. If users land on your social accounts through SERPs, you can funnel them to your website. Many experts believe that social media relationships and shares are now essential to the “SEO game,” another reason to create content that people actually want to read and share online.

3. Technology is a Factor

To stay relevant in SEO you must keep on top of technological trends. For example, artificial intelligence is now used by Google to learn more about user intent. That means that specific keywords in your content may actually be less important than answering a query and being genuinely helpful to searchers. Virtual assistants are another example. Now SEOs must keep in mind the way that people speak and ask questions into assistants like Siri when developing their SEO strategy. As you can see, staying knowledgeable about technology helps with SEO.
SEO remains an important component of any inbound marketing strategy, despite the talk of its death. Writing it off can put your business at an extreme disadvantage in today’s fast paced online world. Use these tips to capitalize on current SEO and contact Green Candy Media for help with your modern SEO strategy.

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